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Supporting Carmen's Miracle Makers Thumbnail

Supporting Carmen's Miracle Makers

Carmen’s Miracle Makers (CMM) is an organization whose mission is to “inspire and equip parents of critically ill children with tools used to encourage bonding and memory-making while enduring a lengthy PICU stay.” CMM was founded by Sydney and Nate Hatcher, who lost their daughter, Carmen, after spending most of her short life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.   It can be hard for parents to bond with children facing challenging medical needs. CMM tries to help families who have been or are projected to spend over three weeks in the PICU.

CMM provides a basket for each child filled with accessories. Parents are encouraged to take pictures of their child, capturing milestones and celebrating the child’s life every day.  The basket includes a blanket, comb, board and chalk, stuffed animal, and either a bow tie or headband.

As a team, we were fortunate to assemble 100 boxes for families currently in the PICU, and for future families that might experience these challenging circumstances in the future.

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