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Majority of Americans Considering Resolutions to Improve Their Financial Situation

A recent survey from Fidelity Investments found that 67% of Americans are considering a New Year's resolution that relates to their finances.  More than half of the 3,012 respondents said they want to save more for goals, including retirement.  The most important factor for those who achieved their financial resolutions in 2019; set clear and specific goals.

Financial planning is the foundation for everything we do. By focusing on your unique situation and your goals for the future, we aim to bring clarity to your financial life. We depend on the planning process to drive our portfolio recommendations because we believe your investments should fit you…not the other way around.

Our value-oriented philosophy and your personalized portfolio determine every investment decision we make. By following a disciplined, research-based approach, we help you build diversified portfolios of high-quality, attractively-valued companies that — over the long-term — have the potential to provide positive returns with lower risk. 

The Wise Investor Group can help demystify the complexities of modern investing. From relieving financial stress to securing your future, our team is committed to serving your unique needs and goals and helping you navigate whatever life may bring.

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