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How Often Should I

One of the most often asked questions we get at the Wise Investor Group, especially on the financial planning side, is how often should I do something that pertains to my financial life? And the question that gave us the idea for today's show was in response to a question we received from a client about how often they should meet with their estate planning attorney, how often should they meet with their accountant, and how often should they meet with us, their financial advisors. So it got us thinking, what else should we be doing on a regular basis? 

How often should I? How often should I do what? The U.S. Fire Administration recommends testing smoke detectors at least once a month and replacing the batteries at least once or twice a year. Now, fortunately, all you need to complete that mission is batteries, a step stool and a system for replacing your smoke detector batteries. Once you've developed a system for that, well, then accomplishing the other facets of today's show will be easy.

In today’s show we answer some of the most often asked timing intervals for important facets of your financial life.   How often should I meet with an estate planning attorney? How often should I meet with a tax preparer?  How often should I shred tax returns or statements?   

Listen to our podcast, How Often Should I…, to learn from some of the top advisors in the country.

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