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Financial Education and Advice

In-depth insight into investment best practices and more.

After tuning in to The Wise Investor Show®, read our latest posts — written by some of the top advisors in the country — where we’ll uncover common investing myths, strategic secrets and the trends worth paying attention to.

Whether you’re just starting to invest or have been generating returns for years, our content is here to connect the dots between our radio show and services so you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to effectively manage your finances.

What is on Everyone’s Minds Thumbnail

What is on Everyone’s Minds

Simon shares some of the most common questions he is receiving from investors. He talks about the historical performance of stocks during Democratic and Republican administrations, what the market is currently telling us and how investors should not conflate political leanings with investment positioning.

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Big Deals in Defense Thumbnail

Big Deals in Defense

This week, Chase looks at the mini tech correction, the hype of stock splits, and the chance to buy into these prices. Then, an update on the biggest contract in Pentagon history.

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Investing in an Election Year Thumbnail

Investing in an Election Year

There are many things that don’t mix well – orange juice and toothpaste, water and a keyboard, flies and Chardonnay. But there’s one thing that never, ever mixes well – investing and elections.

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