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A Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day Thumbnail

A Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day

Is there anything more sensible and obvious than buying low and selling high? Tapping out when the market hits a record and in buying back in after a correction or better yet, a crash? Sounds great, but the problem is it doesn't work. There are very few who have successfully pulled it off in even less, a minute number, who've had repeated success over more than one market cycle. So let's probe a little bit deeper into why this is the case, because I'm starting to get those questions. 

One of the advantages we have in doing this show, maybe one of the reasons it has appealed to folks for a long time is that we are not professional radio hosts, we are financial advisors. We are in the trenches managing investment portfolios and speaking with clients all day, every day. We don't need surveys to tell us what clients are thinking. We’re experiencing it live. We hear a lot of thoughts and we’ve heard a lot of the same stuff for almost 27 years now. We think it's helpful to share with you because as the old cliché goes, if there's one person saying it, they're probably a hundred people thinking it. So what's happening now?

Folks are starting to call and ask if we should be selling out at the top. Although, of course, no one has any idea this is actually the top. But be that as it may, those same people, of course, will say that they want to buy back in when prices come way down.

Sounds good, right? Sounds obvious. But is it this easy?

Listen to our latest show, A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day, to learn from some of the top advisors in the country.

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