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In-depth insight into investment best practices and more.

After tuning in to The Wise Investor Show®, read our latest posts — written by some of the top advisors in the country — where we’ll uncover common investing myths, strategic secrets and the trends worth paying attention to.

Whether you’re just starting to invest or have been generating returns for years, our content is here to connect the dots between our radio show and services so you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to effectively manage your finances.

This Market Is a Race Car Thumbnail

This Market Is a Race Car

Managing speed in a car is similar to managing a roaring stock market. Today we talk about how that's done and the perspective required to reconcile what the market's done with a huge rally off March lows and the expectations for the economy.

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Patience Is Your Edge Thumbnail

Patience Is Your Edge

Simon discusses how investors continue to equate the economy with the stock market despite the reality that they are often not in synch. Virus response success, for example, has not correlated well with stock market performance.

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How to Make Sense of the “Senseless” Thumbnail

How to Make Sense of the “Senseless”

Simon discusses the impressive bounce off the March lows in the face of some of the worst economic data ever recorded. He places in a historical perspective and looks at several perspectives: investor behavior, low interest rates, and the makeup of the S&P 500 itself. Simon also provides the rationale for BABA, the Group's latest addition to the portfolio.

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This Is the Shape of Recovery Thumbnail

This Is the Shape of Recovery

The market may be trying to price in a "V" shaped recovery, where we quickly return to business as usual and swiftly trend back to the economy we had 4 months ago. Do you believe that? Today we talk about the shape we think we might see instead of a "V".

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The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: How It Affects You Thumbnail

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: How It Affects You

The massive $2 trillion CARES (for Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act, passed by Congress on March 27, 2020, is intended to bolster an economy ravaged by the effects of COVID-19. In addition to direct payments and loans for both individuals and businesses, there are also several provisions dealing with your financial and tax planning, both now and into the future.

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