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Financial Education and Advice

In-depth insight into investment best practices and more.

After tuning in to The Wise Investor Show®, read our latest posts — written by some of the top advisors in the country — where we’ll uncover common investing myths, strategic secrets and the trends worth paying attention to.

Whether you’re just starting to invest or have been generating returns for years, our content is here to connect the dots between our radio show and services so you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to effectively manage your finances.

Should You Join the Rush and Refinance Your Mortgage Now? Thumbnail

Should You Join the Rush and Refinance Your Mortgage Now?

Homeowners across the country are refinancing their homes amid the global coronavirus pandemic. With the 10-year Treasury falling below 1 percent, refinancing can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars a year in interest. In The Washington Post, financial planner Matt Anderson explains what you need to know before refinancing.

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Mixed Metaphors - Time to Buy a Little  Thumbnail

Mixed Metaphors - Time to Buy a Little

Most people think this pandemic gets worse before it gets better, you're not alone. The market is working to price that in, however, it's also at the whim of other effects besides investor decisions. Today we look at what's really moving prices, why some securities are caught up in someone else's fight, and what to nibble at right now.

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Patience Is a Virtue Thumbnail

Patience Is a Virtue

Simon discussed things that will not help during a correction such as headlines, what your neighbor is doing, monitoring valuations, etc. He stresses that the big advantage individual investors have is patience and that it makes sense to sit on dry powder right now.

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