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How We Can Help You

Financial planning is the foundation for everything we do. By focusing on your unique situation and your goals for the future, we aim to bring clarity to your financial life. We depend on the planning process to drive our portfolio recommendations because we believe your investments should fit you…not the other way around.

Our value-oriented philosophy and your personalized portfolio determine every investment decision we make. By following a disciplined, research-based approach, we help you build diversified portfolios of high-quality, attractively-valued companies that — over the long-term — have the potential to provide positive returns with lower risk.  

Our Wealth Management Services

Financial Planning

Having a plan is the first step to achieving your financial goals. Our financial planners look beyond the numbers to clearly understand your unique financial situation and help you create a strategy that’s uniquely tailored to you.

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Portfolio Management

Through long-term holdings of individual equity and fixed income securities that trade at a price below what our research suggests is their true, intrinsic value, we can help you achieve long-term investment performance that’s consistent with your investment goals, risk tolerance and timeframe.


Investment Analysis

We believe investing in stocks represents investing in the ownership of real companies. If those companies are properly managed, they should ultimately generate significant cash flows and increasing dividends.

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Insurance & Annuities

Comprehensive financial planning for the future doesn’t end with retirement planning. Although many find life and disability insurance less than appealing topics, ignoring these important aspects of your plan can endanger all that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate and preserve over the years.

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